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The Cluster

Our vision

The Video Game Cluster is a non-profit association promoted by the Madrid City Council that was formed with the aim of strengthening the video game sector in the Madrid area.

Its purpose is to help position the city of Madrid as a platform driving the creative and video game industries in Spain and around the world, aligning and consolidating collaboration between companies, institutions, universities and associations working in the sector, in those areas where such collaboration can generate benefits both for the participants and for society as a whole.

Our mission

The Video Game Cluster has been established with the main objective of:

> Making Madrid an eSports venue that hosts top leagues and competitions.

> Increasing the innovation capacity of video game companies in Madrid

> Aligning teaching and industry to offer jobs to recent graduates. > Enhancing the industrial framework of the sector in Madrid; making it a sector with a future, one that attracts big developers to the city and drives entrepreneurship and employability in the sector.

Madrid In Game started as a Madrid City Council initiative, with the aim of harnessing the city's innovative strength and the creative capacity of locals and professionals, together with the most disruptive and visionary talent in one of the most dynamic of industries, the video game industry.

This project is driven by two strategic pillars: the Madrid Video Game Cluster and the Video Game Campus.

The Video Game Campus is located at the Casa de Campo and has three pavilions.

Development center

Incubator/accelerator for generating new ideas for research, promotion, and support for professionals in the video game sector.

Madrid eSports center

Madrid's high performance eSports center. An experiential video game center with a lot to share.

Madrid Experience Center
An experiential video game center with a lot to share.

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