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How to join


Information, events and links to one of the largest ecosystems in the industry.


Development of joint projects, events and presentations, trade fairs. Networking, visibility.


Access to Madrid Video Games Campus initiatives, incubator, performance center and more.


Communication platform, with updates on events, news and projects.

Benefits for our associates

Being a member of the cluster will keep you informed and connected to one of the largest ecosystems of companies and entrepreneurs in the sector, both nationally and internationally.

Joint development of initiatives with cluster members


You’ll be able to participate jointly with other cluster members to develop projects within the sector. You’ll have the opportunity to participate in all the events in which the cluster participates or is involved.


Dissemination activities 

You’ll be able to use the cluster’s communication platform as a platform for disseminating innovative activities and initiatives by cluster members. You’ll receive regular updates on the main news, events and activities in the sector.


Access to content

You’ll have access to information and specific studies on the video game sector.

Access to the initiatives launched by Madrid In Game’s Campus

The Video Game Campus established by the Madrid City Council is a physical/virtual space that hosts different initiatives, including: an incubator and accelerator for new ideas, a high-performance eSports center and a video game experience center..

The Campus

The Madrid In Game Video Game Campus is a physical/virtual space that is home to different initiatives, including an incubator and accelerator for developers.
All the activity at the Video Game Campus is focused on driving and evolving new ideas in the field of gamification and video games, through interaction between industry professionals, local talent and the industrial world, centered around the companies within the Cluster, but at the same time open to other initiatives.



It is necessary to be a company, organization, institution, entrepreneur, etc. related to the broad ecosystem of the Video Game Sector.

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